Miley Cyrus Puts Boyfriend Rumors To An End!

Miley Cyrus is finally putting false rumors by The National Enquirer to an end! In a recent MileyWorld blog, Cyrus claims:

Just fyi don’t believe anything you read by the enquirer EVER! I’ve never read one true thing in that tabloid EVER! Honestly don’t believe any magazine! I’m honest with my fans!!!

The magazine had originally claimed her Australian “boyfriend,” Liam Hemsworth, had moved in with the family. Looks like we now know the truth.


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Miley’s Car Confusion

Miley was spotted getting coffee at the Coffee Bean in Los Angeles as she almost entered the wrong car. She gets upset with a photographer asking him to get out of her car as he tries to open the door for her. Thnx Sammi.

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Miley Cyrus ‘I am so over these photographers!’

From a new MileyWorld blog entry:

Honestly I am so over these photographers! I went to the salon to visit my buddy Scott and bring him a snack and it turned in to total chaos! After I saw him I went with his best friend Fisher to a store he works at and when I was leaving there was at least 30 photographers. Its really scary for me, especially being a new driver! Sorry I’m venting but somehow I feel like my fans are the only people I can talk to. I love you guys I really miss Nashville today…

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Miley Cyrus Angered In Australian Airport

Paparazzi ended up angering Miley after asking about her Australian boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth.

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Noah & Emily BFF The Spy Next Door Premiere

Noah Cyrus and cousin Emily Grace Reaves attended The Spy Next Door movie premiere along with Billy Ray Cyrus at the Grove on Saturday afternoon. +2 red carpet photos below.

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Justin Bieber’s Ugg Turn-Off

‘I will not even look at you if you’re wearing Uggs, even if you’re Beyonce!

Thnx oceanUP.

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Nick Jonas On Being Ticklish & Older Women

Thnx oceanUP.

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